Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Rottermann Quarter, Tallinn
A newly rehabilitated industrial district, the Rottermann Quarter is a great example of how industrial districts can be preserved and how new architecture can be integrated with them. This is a shot of one of the new apartment buildings, whose tall arches mirror the long spire of Oleviste Kirik.
Wall Calendar 2
This calendar also contains all photos from Estonia, but alternates black and white and color photos, focusing mostly on landscapes and architecture.

Varbola Stronghold, Harjumaa Estonia
Built in the 10-12th century, Varobla Stronghold was one of the largest circular fortress and trading centers. We stopped here early in the morning when driving from Tallinn to close to the Latvian border to visit family.

Tallinn, Estonia
This view of Vanalinn (Old Town) is taken from one of the many look outs over one of the best preserved medieval cities in the world. You can see Oleviste Kirik (St. Olaf's Church) believed to be built in the 12th century and for some time was the tallest buildings in the world. Its amazing that when approaching the city on a ferry from Helsinki, that this church is just as tall (if not taller!) than the new buildings in the "city"
Wall Calendar 1
This calendar contains mostly color photos that I have taken over the last several years in Estonia.

La Defense- Paris, France
What an example of functional art! Cheminee d'aeration, a sculpture and ventilation of concrete and fiberglass by Raymond Moretti is in the La Defense section of Paris.

Mälmo, Sweden
When my sister, cousin and I were in Copenhagen the other summer we took a quick train ride over to Mälmo and found this wonderful garden. I didn't notice it until now, but the towers in the background resemble the Turning Torso building bu Santiago Calatrava in Mälmo.