Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Rottermann Quarter, Tallinn
A newly rehabilitated industrial district, the Rottermann Quarter is a great example of how industrial districts can be preserved and how new architecture can be integrated with them. This is a shot of one of the new apartment buildings, whose tall arches mirror the long spire of Oleviste Kirik.
Wall Calendar 2
This calendar also contains all photos from Estonia, but alternates black and white and color photos, focusing mostly on landscapes and architecture.

Varbola Stronghold, Harjumaa Estonia
Built in the 10-12th century, Varobla Stronghold was one of the largest circular fortress and trading centers. We stopped here early in the morning when driving from Tallinn to close to the Latvian border to visit family.

Tallinn, Estonia
This view of Vanalinn (Old Town) is taken from one of the many look outs over one of the best preserved medieval cities in the world. You can see Oleviste Kirik (St. Olaf's Church) believed to be built in the 12th century and for some time was the tallest buildings in the world. Its amazing that when approaching the city on a ferry from Helsinki, that this church is just as tall (if not taller!) than the new buildings in the "city"
Wall Calendar 1
This calendar contains mostly color photos that I have taken over the last several years in Estonia.

La Defense- Paris, France
What an example of functional art! Cheminee d'aeration, a sculpture and ventilation of concrete and fiberglass by Raymond Moretti is in the La Defense section of Paris.

Mälmo, Sweden
When my sister, cousin and I were in Copenhagen the other summer we took a quick train ride over to Mälmo and found this wonderful garden. I didn't notice it until now, but the towers in the background resemble the Turning Torso building bu Santiago Calatrava in Mälmo.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Desk Calendar 2 photo 1

Paris, France
I forget exactly where this photo was taken in Paris, but I love the contrast of the new and old.

Desk Calendar 2 cover

A little over a year ago I was asked at work to be in charge of making birthday cards using my photos and the photos in this calendar are from the collection of photos that I have put together for those cards.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Desk Calendar 1 Cover

I really liked how this grouping worked together. In this calendar I alternated color and black and white photos. All black and white photos were taken using black and white film and the color ones are a mix of film and digital formats.

This picture was taken in Saaremaa, Estonia in the summer of 2007 in the garden of my co-workers family. Saaremaa (directly translate Saare "Island" maa "land") is the largest of Estonia's islands. The light filtering through the red currants really captures the long summer days and the joy of picking fresh berries in the garden.

It took my godmother and I quite awhile to find this cafe in New York. It had been recommended it a magazine but is obscurely located below street level--- the search was worth it though, the espresso was fabulous, now if only I remembered the name of the place!

This photo was taken while my friend Heikki and I were touring arond the little island of Kihnu, Estonia on bicycles when we went there for Jaanipäev or St. John's Day (Midsummer). Its amazing how tall and narrow the trees in the forest are.

2011 Calendars

I created four calendars for 2011 with photos that I have taken over the last couples years. Two desk calendars and two wall calendars. I thought I would post some information on the images I used each month on the blog-- I was selling the calendars for $24 a piece (with $1 from each calendar going to the Lupus Foundation of America) if anyone still wants one, let me know! Enjoy---

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

More Sold Photos

My mother named this shot, "Moss Doesn't Grow on a Rolling Stone" refering to the graffiti on the moto-scooter that is parked. Taken in the Trastevere part of Rome, I feel that this picture really captures the spirit and some of the many layers of Rome.... the fast paced slick motor-scooters zooming down cobble stoned streets, past old brick walls images of the Virgin Mary... I also like the light that cast down on the scooter parked in the background.

This photo, entitled "Painter's Delight" is taken on Toom-Kooli Tn (Dome-School Street) right by Toom Kirik , the Dome Church, in Tallinn Estonia. This is one of my favorite spaces in Tallinn; there is something about the small building next to the church that kept drawing me back... I have taken many pictures of this space and was excited to catch a painter also trying to capture the essence of the space.
Turns out that my uncle who purchased the print, was excited to see the shot, since had also taken many pictures of it!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sold Photos

I'm really excited to have sold some of the photos up at the show and thought I would take the opportunity to talk about some of the work by posting some more information about the images that have been sold---

This image is of the Milan Cathedral from the Piazza del Duomo, infront of the Galleria. As in many of the piazzas in Italy, there are a lot of pigeons. They really brought the stone of the sculpture and the cathedral to life and I liked catching the one in flight- The facade of the cathedral was under renovation for awhile, so I was very excited to see the scaffolding down.

I took this photo in Paris, France while staying with my aunt. There was a little veranda, just wide enough to sit and enjoy the sounds of the Parisian streets- the best cafe in Paris! I was reading "The Making of a Poem" in preparation for my final thesis project. I really liked the various textures and shadows in this shot.

This photo was taken in Copenhagen, Denmark- my absolutely favorite city--This manequin was outside of this bookstore/cafe across from the Kobenhavn Universitet (Copenhagen University). I don't remember the name of the cafe, but it was a very neat place-- and had good coffee too! Its located on Fiolstraede and is a great location for people watching. My sister named this photo, Tea for Two----
This is one of my favorite photos- taken of my sister at the Grounds for Sculpture when we were celebrating my mothers 60th birthday. It was a really hot day- and she found the mist of the mist sculpture refreshing- and I happened to catch it on film. There is something really mystical about the photo- that is why I named this photo A mystifying sculpture...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Show Opening

The turn out was amazing! Thank you to everyone who attended and made it a very special evening. I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did-
You can see some photos from the opening on the slideshow-
Some of the gymnasts featured in the photographs with their former coach (my mother, Anu)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Some more shots....

Here are two shots that I took when we were turning the lights off.... a bit more dramatic- I really like the prints against the brick wall--

... and here's one of me ...

It's up!

Its official....the show is up! As of 12:30 am this morning (or last night, depending on how you look at it) all 45 photos (19 of mine and 26 of my grandmothers) are hung!
It has been a lot of work and I'd like to thank my parents and my sister who have been so supportive and helpful in making this show happen- and of course my grandmother whose photographs give me much to aspire to!
Hope you can come and see it-

Here are some photos from the installation process-------

sleep may be for the weak, but we were all very glad to finally get some after we were done!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Black and White Photography Exhibit

March 4 - April 7, 2009
Small World Coffee - 14 Witherspoon Street, Princeton NJ