Tuesday, March 31, 2009

More Sold Photos

My mother named this shot, "Moss Doesn't Grow on a Rolling Stone" refering to the graffiti on the moto-scooter that is parked. Taken in the Trastevere part of Rome, I feel that this picture really captures the spirit and some of the many layers of Rome.... the fast paced slick motor-scooters zooming down cobble stoned streets, past old brick walls images of the Virgin Mary... I also like the light that cast down on the scooter parked in the background.

This photo, entitled "Painter's Delight" is taken on Toom-Kooli Tn (Dome-School Street) right by Toom Kirik , the Dome Church, in Tallinn Estonia. This is one of my favorite spaces in Tallinn; there is something about the small building next to the church that kept drawing me back... I have taken many pictures of this space and was excited to catch a painter also trying to capture the essence of the space.
Turns out that my uncle who purchased the print, was excited to see the shot, since had also taken many pictures of it!